Face Blind

  • Genre: Thriller/Mystery
  • Release: 2016
  • Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Gabe Traylin is face-blind, unable to tell one person from the next.  Content to earn his living well away from civilization, he works as an astronomer at an observatory in the earth’s driest desert, where no rain has fallen in 400 years. But when he witnesses a murder that he’s unable to stop or comprehend, Gabe finds himself drawn into an investigation with disastrous consequences. Unable to provide a description of the killer to the police or explain his own erratic actions, he becomes their suspect in a series of horrific and unexplained mutilations. To discover the truth before he’s arrested for crimes he didn’t commit, he must put his trust in three strangers:  a young traveler with a strange purpose, a washed-up novelist who believes he’s bulletproof, and an alluring woman with a face Gabe will never see.

Together they unearth the secrets of Chile’s fascist past, a time of kidnappings, torture, and political turmoil and venture further into the desert, discovering the secrets of revenge as well as the secrets of themselves. Moody, atmospheric and compulsively readable, Face Blind is in a class of thriller all by itself.

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