Seeing Pink

When you can abide no longer . . .
  • Genre: Mainstream Fiction
  • Release: 2003
  • Publisher: Five Star

Five women, angered by continuous acts of domestic oppression, garb themselves in pink robes and embark on a campaign of revenge. Safe behind their pink disguises, they vandalize, scandalize and vent–and find that their actions not only free their spirits, but ignite the curiosity of a nation. As their behavior becomes increasingly audacious, the women accidentally kill a man . . . the son of a United States senator.

As word spreads across the country, their small town spills over with pink-clad protestors, television crews, and federal agents. What started out as a way of striking back soon becomes a frantic race to cover up a murder.

Writing under the pen name of Erin O’Rourke, Lance Hawvermale presents Seeing Pink, a story of five human hearts finding the courage to beat out loud.