The Echo Holders

The Echo Holders
Old runes hold secrets of the heart
  • Genre: Romance/Mystery
  • Release: 2019
  • Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Rookie anthropologist Emily Radsco has come to the Colorado mountains to investigate old and mysterious carvings on the aspen trees. She soon finds herself at odds with the local logging industry, and if she doesn’t work quickly, she’ll lose the very trees that hold the clues to the riddle she’s trying to solve. Making matters even more complicated, she is increasingly attracted to soft-spoken Mason Hitapwa, who happens to be one of the loggers endangering her research.

Romance isn’t part of Emily’s academic agenda, but she can’t ignore her feelings as she and Mason uncover one of the forest’s oldest secrets. This secret changes their lives forever, while hinting that what they are experiencing has happened before. Love repeats itself. It moves in echoes from one era to another, from one heart to the next.