The Secret of Breathing Deeply

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Mystery on a Faraway Shore . . .
  • Genre: Romance
  • Release: 2019
  • Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Born deaf, Jessie Alomar’s world has always been silent. With the sudden death of her father, it becomes a bit darker. She travels to the jungles of Costa Rica to settle his affairs and find out more about his mysterious death.

In the small jungle clinic, she meets the people whose lives were saved and changed by her father. Rubio Moro, a paramedic who worked with her father, shares the news that the clinic is being closed by its financial backers. Together Jessie and Rubio hatch a possibly misguided plan to save it and her father’s legacy. Together they find clues about her father’s last days. Why was he in the jungle alone? Who is the woman in the last picture he drew? Along the way, Rubio becomes more than just Jessie‚Äôs guide as he introduces her to the beauty of Costa Rica. Will their desperate plan succeed or will the answers to the questions they seek cost Jessie her heart?