Deftly written, [Hawvermale’s] debut is full of appealing characters and moments that sparkle with tenderness.

Publisher’s Weekly
The author in Costa Rica, the setting of THE SECRET OF BREATHING DEEPLY

“[Hawvermale] pushes the envelope, taking the commonplace theme of women’s friendships into dangerous territory and dramatizing what women can do not just to help themselves, but also to bring justice to others.” – Booklist

“Hawvermale, balancing suspense with character study, includes enough pauses between the adrenaline-pumping scenes to give his leads the time they need to grow.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Hawvermale expertly weaves complex characters and secrets, luring you from one chapter to the next. His prose is at the same time smooth and riveting, and his detective will stay with you even after you’ve closed the back cover.” – Jean Rabe, author of the Finest series from Tor books

The Tongue Merchant reads like a bestseller . . . a fast-paced, witty mystery with wonderful multilayered characters and a whopper of a climax. Lance Hawvermale has crafted a gem that was a pleasure to read. Get ready to become a Hawvermale fan!” – Johnny Quarles, bestselling author of Fool’s Gold

“In a medium that is saturated with go-to potboilers, Lance Hawvermale’s novel shines above it, with vibrant writing and exhilarating flair.” – Criminal Element